The Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV): A RHLO Initiative

The Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV) is made up of student groups and individuals on Columbia’s campus who are dedicated to combating sexual assault and gender-based misconduct within our community. It aims to promote sex positivity and safe practices, educate students on the nature of sexual assault and gender-based misconduct, as well as the complexities of consent, and advocate for legislative change across Columbia University by establishing campus-wide partnerships to host workshops, programs, and wellness events.

CASV was revitalized by Andrew Rodriguez CC’20 (RHLO Director of Advocacy & Policy), Morgan Kang CC’20 (RHLO Associate Director of Advocacy & Policy) in January 2018.

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CASV’s Flagship Project: Let’s Bring Sexy Back
4-Weeks Dedicated to Awareness, Wellness, Legislation, and Sex Positivity