Meet the Board

The Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO) is governed by its Executive Board. Each person is a valuable member of the team who brings a unique perspective to the table. Each Director (excluding the Executive Director) has an Assistant Director who helps with the position’s major tasks.

Nick Wolferman ’17img_0073
Executive Director

Nick serves as the official representative of RHLO to all affiliated and associated organizations, with the exception of NACURH and NEACURH. He prepares agendas for all General Body, Board and Executive Board Meetings and meet with an adviser on a weekly basis.

Christina Park ’17img_0078
Director of Advocacy and Policy

Christina reaches out to residents and listens to their concerns regarding residential life and represents the interests of all residents to the university. She works with Residential Life, Housing, Dining, Facilities, and other campus offices to implement policies that respond to these concerns.

Amaris Benavidez ’19img_0077
Director of Communications

Amaris reaches out to the greater residential community through emails and social media with updates on RHLO programs, events and advocacy. She handles the electronic component of RHLO – minutes, website updates, important documents – and completes branding and marketing projects. 

Montana St. Pierre ’19
Director of Finance

Montana disburses funds to and keeps records of all financial affairs used by the Executive Board. He oversees all Hall Council budgets and act as a resource to all Hall Councils on financial questions. He presents semesterly financial reports to the RHLO Board.

Vinay Ramesh ’19
Director of Leadership DevelopmentIMG_0165

Vinay serves as the official representative for RHLO in all NACURH and NEACURH interactions. He coordinates bids for awards and conference hosting. He organizes semesterly Leadership Retreats for Hall Councils and coordinate a buddy system between Executive Board members with Hall Councils for further leadership development.

Rebecca Brunsberg ’19img_0079
Director of Programming

Rebecca brainstorms, plans, and executes semesterly and annual events. She works with the Director of Finance to seek mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations as program sponsors. She acts as a resource for Hall Councils in terms of programming advice.

Ian McLean ’19img_0080
Assistant Director of Advocacy & Policy

Ian assists in brainstorming and executing advocacy and policy initiatives that respond to students’ concerns regarding residential life. He also sits on external campus policy boards and assists in running the Advocacy and Policy Committee.

Destiny Machin ’19IMG_0169
Assistant Director of Communications

Destiny coordinates the Beyond the Bubble newsletter, records all minutes from board meetings, and helps lead the Communications Committee. She assists the Director of Communications in all design and marketing projects.

Justin Whitehouse ’19img_0072
Assistant Director of Leadership Development




Tevis Robinson ’19
Assistant Director of Programming

Cliff Jacobs